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At the HB Sports Complex, we believe that success goes far beyond the daily operations of fields or teaching the fundamental skill of sport, but it establishes a connection with the community and creates memorable experiences for our patrons. 

The HB Sports Complex hosts over 45 baseball, softball, soccer, flag football, and other large sporting events annually.

With countless visitors attending from all across the country, our guests are always on the lookout for the best local family dining, recreation, and attractions Southern California has to offer. 



As part of our dugout upgrade project, we will be installing privacy fencing and shades on all dugouts. We are looking for eight "Elite" sponsors to help us complete the project.

Our 2023 elite sponsorship package includes: 

  • Printed logo on two dugout shades (one field)

  • Banner Sponsorship: One 8'x10' banner on Field 6 or two 3'x5' banners (Field 5 and Field 3)

  • Capital Partnership: Linkable logo on HB Sports Complex website and social media "shout outs"

  • Two annual parking passes for the Sports Complex


The Sports Complex is currently offering a limited number of annual banner sponsorships. We have selected three locations that gives our sponsors great visibility and provides a great ballpark feel without overdoing it.

8'x10' Outfield Banners ($1,000) Field 6 is the first 90' diamond at the Sports Complex which allows 14-18 year old baseball players to know use the facility. The 30 foot tall fence in right field is a great opportunity to display your banner just like you'd see in a minor league park.

3'x5' Foul Line Banner ($500)  The fencing along the  lines allow you to bring your banner to field level. We have selected the fence on Field 5 and both foul lines on Field 3 as ideal locations as they are close to high traffic pedestrian paths and highly visible throughtout the park.


$250 is quicky becoming the hub of our daily operations and we are only scratching at the surface of our digital presence. In addition to a fully web-based scheduling and league management system, we are launching a sponsor page which will feature linkable logos to all of our generous sponsors. Now everyone can share in the sports complex dream.

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