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Our Mission

There are two things we love: sports and Huntington Beach, and we want to share both with you! That’s why we’re dedicated to providing an exceptional, outdoor community space in a world-class facility and destination, where youth and amateur athletes can grow, compete, and prosper. 

Family-oriented, business savvy, sports enthusiasts who strive for the best, Jerry, Ryan and Matt met through their sons’ baseball team and quickly discovered their mutual bond and love for the game.


After watching their children play in numerous tournaments, in various facilities across the country, they gradually realized their hometown of Huntington Beach could offer players more than just a field to play on. 


How about expert staff, advanced training facilities, and perfect weather? Though it was just a thought at the time, they knew they were on to something.

Eventually, when the opportunity finally came to manage the Huntington Beach Sports Complex, there wasn’t even a question in their minds - they were all in.  


And as lifelong believers in the Golden Rule, they know how important it is to ensure their customers, players, and teams feel just as valued as they would want their sons to feel on fields and in facilities outside of HBSC.


If you play on our fields, you’re a part of our family. These fields are your home away from home, no matter where you’re coming from. Which is why we strive to provide the same level of excellence and service to each guest, player, team and organization who visits our facility. 


Questions about the facilities or services we offer? Give us a shout!

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